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Canoas Garden Annual Meeting Minutes
January 23, 2012

7:07 pm opening by Tony Medina
~19 persons in attendance 
Tony Lehman goes over the finances for the association.  Bank Balance went slightly down. Exact numbers TBD (went too fast to note down)
Kristen asked for the big ticket items. Tony went through the list:
$352 for picnic
$208 for signs
Annual dues are due, $10 per family
PO Box address is on the website
Social committee report by Barb

Beautification Committee is not present. 

Disaster Recovery Committee report by Kristin
The committee is there to help the neighborhood preparing for disaster. Disseminating info about supplies, etc. which TV stations to connect to in case of a disaster. Starting to set up meetings, the first one will be for North Nightingale and Apple Valley Road. Other streets will be addressed in a phased approach. Will organize meetings where San Jose Office of Response will come out and do training. About 20 to 40 houses per block. 
History Committee report by Ralph
Ralph talks about history of neighborhood. He is currently operating rather loosely and independently. Goal is to produce a book. Going along well, doing interviews and going through microfilm newspapers. Looking at the golf course and the cemetery as well.  Ralph is planning to publish book through Amazon, where the book can be printed on demand.  He will work with the Neighborhood Association to get the books out, but that will probably be a couple of years down the road. Once the book is completed, he is planning to make the materials available to the association. 
Also, Ralph talks about the history of our association. He is planning to approach libraries to reserve some space for associations to store archives. Dave Schneck offers suggestion to do this electronically, since this will require less space and is searchable. This is a future idea, and it is important to keep a paper copy as well.
Website report by Andrew
The website is becoming a place to collect information, pictures, records of events, etc.   Andrew is requesting everyone to look at the website and send comments. Also, the newsletter is posted online so you can look it up if you misplace the paper one.  He mentions that realtors also use information on the website.
Dave Schneck brings up topic of some of the realtors have their own websites. His wife was featured recently as a local dog trainers. They are always looking for ways to highlight areas.  Andrew notes that our website has a page for local businesses as well. 
Councilmember Dialogue
We have a visitor from Pierluigi Oliverio's office. Her name is Mel Rose, and she is a council member assistant. This is her first time to attend our meeting, and is very glad to be here.  She makes a few announcements: crime is always on people's minds, so there is a Crime Summit on Feb 4th.
Also, she reminds us of the new policy for plastic and paper bag ordinance. Most people in the audience are aware of this already. Mel requests that if shops are still handing out bags to please contact code enforcement (Ph 535 7770). Please remember that the ordinance is only in San Jose.  Somebody mentions that this causes people to decide to shop outside of San Jose. 
Next topic: the current library director is retiring at the end of March. Looking for input on requirements for new person. Go to San Jose city homepage, or contact office if you are interested in those meetings. 
In case you forget garbage day or street sweep, go to San Jose city homepage and you can check. 
Public discussion on medical marijuana next Tuesday  Jan 31st. One of the topics is to raise taxes from 7 to 10%. There is another meeting in March, where zoning and reducing the number of dispensaries is discussed. This meeting is in March. 
At the moment, the dispensaries still seem rampant, and enforcement on tax is not present. There are 140 City wide.  The proposal to reduce this down to 10 didn't pass yet. New proposal is to have max 2 in each city district, and they can't open within 500 feet of a school. Marijuana needs to be grown on site. 
She mentions that code enforcement is limited, because ordinance is not in writing currently. And that there currently is no limit on the number of dispensaries. Federal is cracking down on larger outlets. It is unknown how many are in district 6. 
Pierluigi Oliverio arrives at 7:48pm to give us more updates

New Board Members
Tony asked if anyone in the audience was interested in a position on the Board. No new candidates from the audience, so there was no need to vote for the proposed Board Members The Board was unanimously accepted at 8:17 pm.
New Board Members:
President:                    Tony Medina
Vice President:            Gary Smith
Secretary:                    Mark Nijmeijer
Treasurer:                    Tony Leaman
Member at Large:        Rich Peters
Member at Large:        Dave Schneck
Member at Large:        Chris Caprino
Opens and Discussion
Someone brought up that there periodically is a bad sewer smell on Apple Valley and Nightingale Dr.  When it happens, we should let Oliverio know, so they can report to the City.  Problem has been around since building of neighborhood, according to Ralph. In the past, the association has spent lots of effort to get city to do something. 
Reminder to put yard waste and garbage should be put out only 24 hrs out ahead of garbage pickup. 
Also, people in the neighborhood should not cut back trees on the street side. Kristin explains that the tree on Ironwood could not be cut down completely, because the city does not give out licenses for it.  But the situation was very dangerous, and thus the tree needed to be cut back. Remember that it is illegal to trim a street tree without a permit.
Annual Neighborhood Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.
Minutes submitted for distribution by Secretary Mark Nijmeijer on March 11, 2012

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