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Newsletter April 2007

The Canoas Garden Neighborhood Association


A Special Call Meeting of the Canoas Garden Neighborhood Association to vote on changes to our Bylaws will be held at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, April 25 th at Canoas School. A General Membership meeting will immediately follow.


April, 2007

Hello Neighbors,

These are exciting times for the Canoas Garden Neighborhood Association. We had a great meeting in January full of energy and enthusiasm where we elected our new Board of Directors. The new Board members are:

President—Bill Aaron (Redbird Dr.)

Vice President—Tony Medina (Redbird Dr.)

Secretary—Randy Hagerman ( Pebble Beach Dr.)

Treasurer—Kristin Patterson (Ironwood Dr.)

Sergeant at Arms—Doug Lucken (Kingfisher Dr.)

Member at Large—Abel Hernandez (Redbird Dr.)

Member at Large—Clif Inman (Kingfisher Dr.)

The Board went right to work getting the Association going again. We set up five committees to attack neighborhood issues and start building a strong neighborhood community.

Demographics Committee: Bill Aaron ( Redbird Dr.) Chairperson,Bob Barrera (Kingfisher Dr.),Brian & Cheri Kestenblatt (Kingfisher Dr.),Steve & Julie Mello (Thrush Ct.),Mark & Erin Nijmeijer ( Kingfisher Dr.)

The Demographics Committee is working hard to set up the web page and database for the Association. The CGNA web address is and our email address is Please fill out the attached questionnaire and send it in with your dues so we can include you in the CGNA database.

Social Committee: Tony Medina ( Redbird Dr.) Chairperson,Steve Finhill (Redbird Dr.),Abel Hernandez (Redbird Dr.), Steve & Julie Mello (Thrush Ct.), Mark & Erin Nijmeijer (Kingfisher Dr.), Gary & Dawn Smith (Lanewood Dr.), Brenda Swindall (Redbird Dr.)

The Social Committee hit the ground running and is already planning a prototype block party for Redbird Drive for June 16 th. Other block parties will soon follow. They are also setting up a Welcome Wagon for newcomers to our neighborhood, and they even set the date for our Annual Neighborhood Picnic for September 15 th. They have exciting plans to connect people with neighborhood social groups. If you are interested in sharing your hobbies or interests with your neighbors, fill out the “Interests and Hobbies” section on the questionnaire attached to this newsletter and send it in with your dues.

Beautification Committee: Doug Lucken ( Kingfisher Dr.) Chairperson, Florence Bradley (Kingfisher Dr.), Eleanor Hoehn (Kingfisher Dr.), Rob Scott (Redbird Dr.), Jerry White (Redbird Dr.)

The Beautification Committee has already held a very successful clean-up of the Almaden frontage area organized by Rob Scott. They will keep our neighborhood clean and tidy with regular litter, graffiti and weed clean-ups. They will also pick common areas such as next to the school grounds on Thrush Drive to beautify with landscaping and plantings. They are planning a Wren Park Clean-up Day in June.

History Committee: Kristin Patterson (Ironwood Dr.) Chairperson, Bert Corsen (Hummingbird Dr.), Phil DiGiovani (Nightingale Dr.), Ralph Pearce (Kingfisher Dr.) 

The History Committee will compile and record the history of our neighborhood in photographs, video interviews and maybe even a book. If you would like to share your personal history in Birdland, contact Bill Aaron at 978-9678 or send an email to We would love to hear from you!

Bylaws Committee: Bill and Peggy Aaron ( Redbird Dr.)

The Bylaws Committee drafted and the Board approved a new set of bylaws that will update and strengthen our old bylaws. The membership will vote on the changes to the bylaws at a Special Call Meeting of the Association which we will hold during the first part of our next neighborhood meeting on April 25 th. If you wish to read the proposed new bylaws, you can see them on our webpage at or call Bill Aaron at 978-9678 to get a hard copy.

We still have two more committees to staff if you would like to volunteer. We need a committee to work on the parking situation in the north side of our neighborhood and a committee to set up Neighborhood Watch and Emergency Preparedness groups on each of our streets. Send an email to or call Bill Aaron at 978-9678 to join in.

April 25 th Special Call Meeting and General Membership Meeting

Our current Bylaws stipulate that “(the Bylaws) may only be changed at a Special Call Meeting with concurrence of the Board and a secret ballot vote of the membership.” So we will have our Special Call Meeting to vote on the changes to the Bylaws first, adjourn that meeting and then call to order our General Membership Meeting. Once again, if you wish to read the proposed new bylaws, you can see them on our webpage at or call Bill Aaron at 978-9678 to get a hard copy. If you have any particular problems with anything or important suggestions, please communicate them to us before the meeting, so we can fix any issues beforehand and not take up too much time with discussion at the meeting. Of course the floor will be open to discussion of the proposed changes to the Bylaws, and if it goes too long, we will have to adjourn the Special Call Meeting and address the Bylaw changes at a later date.

We will have some interesting visitors at the General Membership part of the April 25 th meeting. Denelle Fedor from Oliverio’s office will be present to get acquainted with us and to discuss various issues affecting our neighborhood. Also we hope to get staff from the Santa Clara County Roads and Airports Department to give a presentation on the bike and pedestrian path that is being built along Almaden Expressway. The intersection of Ironwood Drive and Almaden Expressway is being re-configured as part of this project. Representatives from all of our committees will fill us in on what they are doing, and we will have updates on the JSM town home project along the Almaden frontage and the Venetian Terrace project on the Scottish Rites property. So as you can see, if you miss the April 25 th meeting, you will miss a lot!!

The Board increased the membership dues to $10 per year, so we will have enough money to cover all of the activities that we are planning. We haven’t collected dues in several years, and the coffers are almost empty. Please fill out the questionnaire and enclose it along with your $10 contribution in the attached envelope, affix postage and drop it in the mail right away, or give it to one of the Board members.

Thank You!

Canoas Garden Neighborhood Association

P.O. Box 18661 , San Jose, CA 95158

Don’t forget $10 for your CGNA Dues!







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